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    Heilige Pijpceremonie, Bert Gunn & Yvonne Kiowa


    Graag nodigen we je uit voor deze Heilige Pijpceremonie met Bert Gunn en zijn partner Yvonne Kiowa 23 februari a.s. bij Centrum Pacha Mama
    Bert Gunn is a Ceremony leader,  clinical social worker and handyman, living in Chaplin, CT in the USA. He assisted, traveled with, organized for, and interpreted for Tlakaelel, the Tolteka-Mexica Elder from Teotihuacan, Mexico for 22 years until hispassage to the other side in July of 2012.
    Bert is a board member of the World Council Wisdom Gatherings, and the Church of the Earth, and has been the Male Dance Chief for the Dance to Heal the Earth, envisioned by Grandmother Robin Youngblood for 3 years now.
    Bert has been trained and authorized by Tlakaelel and other Elders to conduct various traditional ceremonies and teachings. Among other ceremonies, has been assisting in and conducting the Four Colors Ceremony for 25 years around the world, as well as the annual Tonal Mitotianilitzli (Celebration of the Sun) dance ceremony in Mexico  and conducts the Temazkal sweat ceremony. He is also available for individual consultation/ healing sessions when asked, with no fee ever asked.

    This  Holy Pipeceremony will be a very special one, as Yvonne would be playing her amazing and heart-opening live harp and native American flute music as an introduction and maybe during part of the ceremony.
    It's our pleasure to invite you all to this ceremony
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    Door: Bert Gunn & Yvonne Kiowa
    Costs: As with all Bert's ceremonies, he does not charge a fee, but donations are
    encouraged and gratefully accepted to help offset travel expenses, renting accomodation
    etc. any extra goes to Tlakaelel's community in Mexico

    Info en aanmelden bij Yvonne Kiowa via E:
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