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    Self-Love & Illuminating Shadows- teachingprogram Jeffrey Wium

    fri 16.30-su 17.00

    Self-Love, Illuminating the Shadows
    Ancient Andean Codices & Quantum Healing
    We long to feel alive and fully present in our hearts.
    We desire connection, to feel love and be loved. Yet, love often comes with conditioning and limitations – only if it feels safe, is known, predictable, reliable and non-challenging; only if it alleviates discomfort, rawness, uncertainty and vulnerability.
    Humanity is in the process of remembering that Love is the source and fabric of all life.
    That love does not exist somewhere out there, beyond this moment, neither dependent nor dangerous. Love flowers from within. It is in the eye of the beholder and in everything
    and everyone.

    In this weekend program 4-6 may, we will explore the signature of Loving Presence through the ancient codices of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. These holistic principles underscore and support the very fabric of a culture that has stood the test of time, maintained them through repressive invasion and changing dynamics.
    Friday-evening 4 may there will be a Introduction talk + meditation
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    Door: Jeffrey Wium - Wisdomkeepers Project
    Kosten : 2,5 day Teachingprogram Jeffrey € 250
    Introductie Talk + Meditation (friday evening) € 25
    Register Here for 2,5 day program
    Register Here for Friday evening Intro talk
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    -Meals € 40 pp per day (breakfast, lunch, diner)
    Info & Aanmelden:
    (coördinator Gonda Postma)

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