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    Relationship Retreat met Gerardo & Emily Arrieta (Chili)

    vrij 16.00 -zon 14.00
    • How can we be more loving understanding and opened in our relationships?
    • How can we hear more from our heart space the voice of compassion and understanding?
    • How we attract intimate relationships that were shown to us by our parents or care givers, why choosing the perfect partner doesn't exist.
    • How does negative emotions affect our relations to everything that is connected. Destructive thoughts patterns guilt shame negative self talk, jealousy,envy, self sabotage?

    With warmth and pleasure, we welcome our Road Man / Medicine Man Gerardo Arrieta (spiritual name Marimanke: Spirit of the Condors) originally from Chile and his beloved wife Emily Arrieta from Australia. They are travelling the miles to share with us this retreat on respecting relations in all areas of our life.
    They bring along with years of experience in therapies, old native prayers, beautiful ceremonial songs, old stories, high wisdom and teachings and strong healings with the possibility for us to grow in this way of ancient spirituality and travel deep in this path of healing.
    These are traditional Healing Ceremonies which can be intense and life-changing.


    Door: Gerardo Arrieta, medicijnman uit Chili en zijn vrouw Emily uit Australië
    Kosten Relatie-retreat: volgt
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