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    Workshop Maya medicine met Carola Esparza (Chili)


    At this Day out of Time with Carola Esparza, medicinewoman from Chili and Gerardo Arrieta, medicineman from Chili will share Mayan Wisdom ans celebrate this special day.

    Carola will guide a workshop an sharing introduction to the Mayan count accordingly to José Arguelles and a practical session on the Mayan seals and tones on the Body.
    She will teach us how to use this info in our daily Life or applying to our healing practice She will revise the thirteen tones and 13 mayor points in the body And the 20 seal codices on each finger and toes.
    This workshop is intended for beginners and advanced people as well.

    Door Carola Esparza, Medijnvrouw uit Chili (o.a. Mapuche Traditie)
    Wanneer: 25 juli as, 11-14u.
    Waar: Centrum Pacha Mama, Lekkum (bij Leeuwarden)
    Kosten workshop: € 50
    Aanmelden via E:

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