Pendelen (Radiesthesia) -Joshua Hartloper

Een geavanceerde 1 daagse cursus Pendelen (Radiesthesia, Dowsing) o.l.v. Joshua Hartloper
Radiesthesia (dowsing) is a highly respected mystic art with many practical and therapeutic applications. Learn to measure the energy and vibration of organic beings, food and natural products, detect harmful energies, clear energetic pollution and more.

* Egyptian Karnack Pendulum (wood) is the recommended instrument.
you can order one in advance or at the course.
With this advanced workshop you will learn how to:
-Detect harmful energies.
-Clean the energetic pollution of any object.
-Clean the energetic pollution of any space. ie. home, land or other premises
-Transmit beneficial energies across any distance.
-Increase the vital energy levels of the sick.
-Increase the vital energy levels of animals.
-Test natural products and foods.
-Find missing items
…and much more!
-What is Radiesthesia? (dowsing)
-Brief History of Radiesthesia
-How does it work? Research/Science
-Principles of Radiesthesia (dowsing)
-How to select a Pendulum
-What is Zero Point? (Neutral zone)
-How to Enter Zero Point or Neutral Zone
-Energetic Pollution (Basics)
-Index the vitality of living beings
-Index the vibratory level of living beings
-Practice Sessions/Witnesses

-Divination Applications

He is an internationally respected energy intuitive, professional lecturer, mentor, author and storyteller best known for helping people around the world achieve wondrous things.

Kosten workshop: € 75
Kosten Egyptische Pendel: v.a. € 25
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PS: Joshua spreekt Engels, indien nodig is tolk aanwezig