Great Mother Bible-Mare Cromwell

Mare Cromwell is a Gaia Priestess, Mystic, author and healer. Some might call her a Medicine Woman. She has devoted her life to the Great Mother and midwifing the New World coming in now. Her multi-award-winning books include: “The Great Mother Bible”; “Messages from Mother…. Earth Mother”; and, “If I gave you God’s phone number….”.  Mare has studied with Native American elders for 21 years along with other gifted spiritual teachers. Rainbow Thunder Heart/Bavado, a gifted Shoshone Elder, referred to her as the “Voice of Earth Mother”. Another gifted elder informed Mare that her work with Mother Gaia is in the prophecies, not her name but that someone would surrender to serve Gaia to the extent that she has. Mare sat on the World Council for Wisdom Gatherings for three years and is the visionary behind the 1000 Goddesses Gathering. She is also organizing the Gaia Wisdom Gathering in the Washington D.C. region late May, 2018. She lives in western Maryland, is a former worm herder, and absolutely loves Sacred Silliness!

In these interesting times, Earth Mother is calling for us to remember the sacredness of all around us, including her as our Planetary Caretaker. Our gardens are not only therapeutic spaces but where we can most intimately rekindle inner stillness and a deeper relationship and reverence for her along with all life around us, which is so needed at this time.

Mare’s award-winning books (The Great Mother Bible en Messages of Mother…Earth Mother  are available to purchase in the Little Shop of CenterPacha Mama

“Mare Cromwell is a gifted spokeswoman of Earth Mother and Nature Spirits. This is for real… believe me… I am completely convinced about her abilities and love for nature and care for our beautiful planet.” -RB


In oktober 2017 gaf Mare een workshop ‘Sacred Gardening-Sacred Earth bij Centrum Pacha Mama. Haar boeken: ‘The Great Mother Bible’ en ‘Messages of Mother..Earth Mother’ zijn te verkrijgen in de Little Shop van Centrum Pacha Mama.