Heartways of the Andean Altomisayoq – Jeffrey Wium

Heartways of the Andean Altomisayoq
with Jeffrey Wium (Altomisayok) at Centrum Pacha Mama, The Netherlands.
2-4 februari 2018.

Jeffrey Wium (Altomisayoq) Western-born Paqo Jeffrey Wium will offer a weekend program at Centrum Pacha Mama to share traditional ceremonies, techniques and lifeways of the Andean Altomisayoq lineage.
Jeffrey began his Andean apprenticeship in 2004 and was initiated as an Altomisayoq by the Mountain Spirits in January 2007. He is one of five celestial lineage holders in the Andes.

Do you want to learn the holistic practices of the ancient heart-based traditions?
This program is open to anyone interested in learning the holistic practices of this ancient,
heart-based tradition.
In this on-going series, Jeffrey will:

  • Provide an overview of the thirteen levels of Andean initiation and function
  • Teach altar (mesa) structures, meditation, prayer, healing and harmonizing practices
  • Map conscious development, self-responsibility, embodiment and manifestation
  • Conduct clearing and healing ceremonies to increase health and wellbeing
  • Help expand interdimensional communication and understanding
  • Interweave quantum principles and techniques to improve technical efficiency
  • Attend to participant’s questions and expand on practices found in various schools
  • Help awaken inner wisdom, establish harmony and increase balance in daily life
  • Offer personalised consultations and extended one-on-one learning sessions

This is an opportunity to expand working understanding of Andean energy medicine, increase animistic consciousness, complement current healing modalities and transform
internal blockages while participating in holistic practices.
These teachings provide an ancient pathway for awakening one’s Eternal Essence and meeting every moment with internal authority, integrity and loving kindness.

Jeffrey Wium offers an integrative approach to awakening consciousness, blending western paradigms with the interdimensional workings of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition, Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing, Usui-Tibetan-Sai Baba
Reiki, Qigong, Meditation, Yoga, Psychosomatic Bodywork, Sound and Light Therapy, Indigenous Living, Philosophy and Vision Quest Protocols, Conscious Parenting, Avaloketesvara Initiation and Interdenominational Ministry.


Teachingprogram 2-4 feb 2018
*Introduction Talk & Meditation, 2 februari, 19.00-21.30

*Teachingprogram + sweatlodge, 3-4 februari, (zat 10.00- zon 17.00)
Practices, techniques and cosmopology Andean Altomisayoq, Fire- element, Purification, Celestial Communication, ancient Heart principles,
Sweatlodge for participants program on saturday evening

Mearsterpaed 8, 9081 AK Lekkum (bij Leeuwarden)


-Friday evening Talk € 25
2,5 day Teachingprogram + sweatlodge ceremony € 250
Friday Evening (19-21:00), Saturday-Sunday (9-17:00)

Lodging & Meals
Sleeping rooms: single room € 35 pppn; double room  € 24,75 pppn;  triple room  € 22  pppn.
Rent linen: € 10 p.p.
Meals € 40 pp per day (breakfast, lunch, diner)

You can contact Gonda Postma at Centrum Pacha Mama for registration and questions  about this programm, and your wishes for lodging/meals via
E: info@centrumpachamama.nl or T: +31 58 7851185
(speaking Dutch and English)

Look for more info about accommodation, lodging, meals and rates: (English)
or  info over accommodatie en tarieven voor overnachting   (Dutch)